What’s Going Wrong With Your Facebook Ad?

Running a Facebook Ad is affordable marketing. Many small businesses get themselves started by picking a picture or video, then adding a caption that includes what they have to sell, the price, and a link to buy. They can get a reach of a few hundred for about $20 and get a reach of a few thousand for about $50. Everything seems easy and straight forward untillllllll… the increase in sales you are waiting for do not come in. Heck, in fact, you lack the comments or reactions or any engagement that reflects the reach promised. With results like that, whether it be $20 or $50 spent on the ad, it turns out that it may have been affordable, but it didn’t turn out to be marketing. 

As you know, marketing has to have a strategy and that strategy has to be custom to the business the ad is for to it be impactful. When it comes to Facebook ads, the elements used when creating your ad also impact your results and are equally as important as your strategy. Here are a couple of the elements you have to get right to summon the engagement you seek:

1. Ad copy. Is it too salesy? Does the message include engagement and a call to action? Is it the right length for the attention of the target audience?

2. Visual. Does it contain too many words? Does it grab the right people’s attention? Does it speak to the message in the ad copy? Although Facebook has made it easy to assemble an ad and pay for it, infusing the strategy needed to attract the right audience to take the action that you direct takes more.

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