The Secret to Getting Your Customers’ Attention on Facebook

If you aren’t a huge brand typically your customers are waiting with bated breath the buy from you or check out your latest product or service. Consumers typically tune out businesses that are constantly selling something on their Facebook and other social media pages. Unfortunately, small businesses have to earn the attention of potential customers and there is a little secret to doing that on your Facebook Page.

There are three kinds of content that can attract the attention of your clients so that you can routinely sale to them:

  1. Post content that entertains them.
  2. Post content that educations them.
  3. Post content that is interactive and that engages them.

Once you get your content flowing, the next obstacle is getting eyes on that content. Who are you creating content for if you do not have a lot of likes on your Facebook Page chances are no one is seeing your content? We have perfected a formula to work with the Facebook Algorithm to get more likes to your page and increase the number of people that will see what you have to offer. This formula is working well for our current clients and the increased engagement they now have on Facebook is awesome! If you would like to work with us to increase your selling opportunities through increased Facebook Fan Page exposure, let’s talk. Go HERE

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