Once Is Not Enough

Marketing is about building relationships. The goal is to connect with potential customers and position yourself as the expert in your given field. From there you begin to build a relationship. They know you. They like you. They trust you. Now, you need to continuously show them the value that you offer so that when they need the products and services that your company provides, they pay YOU for it.

Have you ever seen a commercial for a product or service and realized that you would need it in the future? Then as you keep seeing the offers from that company, in different ways and at different times, for that item that you now know that you need… you think, “When I am ready to get it, I’ll get it from them.” That is the magic of marketing. The company in the example employed two strategic techniques:

  • That company didn’t just show a visual, they used words to describe exactly what the project or service is, why you need it, and why you need to buy it from them.
  • That company kept showing up to demonstrate to you they have what you need. They showed up more than once and in different ways. In doing so, they stayed top of mind so that when you thought of that product or service, you instantly thought of them.

As a small business, your main job is to provide your products and services. It’s hard to do that, as well as stay abreast of marketing strategy and implement those strategies on a routine basis. No worries, I am here to assess your marketing needs and implement the best strategies to help your business attract customers to the products and services that you provide. Are you ready to continuously show your value to would be customers? If so, let’s talk HERE

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