No, No, No. That’s NOT Marketing

A lot of business owners know they need marketing, but they don’t actually know what it is. Oh yeah, I know they think that they know what it is BUT it is often apparent that they may not fully understand, when they begin to talk about what their expectations are for the results of their marketing. Here are a few thoughts that business owners have that implies they do not fully understand the definition of marketing.

“If I market my business, people will immediately start giving me their money.” Umm, no. In fact, marketing is a continuous effort to get people to know that your business exists, what problems it can solve for them, and what solutions you offer to solve those problems. Research says potential customers need at least seven to ten interactions with information about your business before they even consider doing business with you. With that said, marketing is a marathon and not a sprint.

“I can market using this one ad and new customers will come.” Whoooooa. Hold your horses. Even if you run an ad that reaches your potential client numerous times, that may not be enough for them to purchase. Something else research tells us is that people buy for companies that they like, know, and trust. One ad is not enough for a customer to decide they like, know, or trust you. Well, you may be likable but they still don’t know you. Because they don’t know you, they most likely do not trust you. 

“Just being on social media alone isn’t real marketing.” Social media is a platform, so no, it isn’t marketing. However, real marketing takes place on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. You see a platform, (a stage, television, radio, podcast, an event, etc…) is just the venue for marketing to take place. But marketing is all about building relationships that are beneficial to your potential customers. So marketing is not the place, it is the value that you build.

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