Market In The Places That You Own

Last week we talked about marketing on social media. I want to remind you that marketing should start in the places that you own. The places you own not only give you direct access to your clients and potential clients, they also give you control over the platform that you are marketing on. Because social media platforms are not yours, you are regulated and algorithms do not always work in your favor for the valuable time that you put in to place content on them. Utilize them, but don’t rely solely on them AND save your best content for your own platforms. What platforms do you own? I’m glad you asked: your website homepage, your blog, and your email list.

When potential clients go to your website, they are greeted first with your homepage. This is your first impression. You may only have seconds to get them interested enough to click around and find out more about your company. More importantly, the goal is to get them to hire you and/or purchase your products. What impression is your homepage giving your audience?

You should have a blog on your company website. The use of a blog gives value to potential clients that visit your site and ensure that they see you as the expert. A blog on your website also brings more visitors to your website when your blog subject matter is read by search engines and come up in searches when those looking for more information are looking. Cool, right?

When created strategically, your email list is a goldmine. The people on that list should already know who you are and have some idea of what you offer. It’s a list of warm leads. To send an email to your email list is to talk directly to a pool of people that are more likely to purchase from you. Where else can you get that kind of value?

Always market in places to introduce new people to your offers. But NEVER forget to market in the places you own. I would love to schedule a time to conduct a needs analysis and help you develop a strategy for marketing on your platforms, let’s chat. Go HERE

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