It’s A HUMONGOUS Mistake In Marketing

A huge mistake that a lot of small business owners make with their marketing efforts is doing the same thing over and over again. Let me guess, you talk about your product or service, you show pictures of your product or relatable pictures of your service, you share pictures of customers of your product or service… yeah, yeah!! Everybody is doing that.

Once you see a piece of marketing that is working for everybody else, the problem becomes that everybody else is doing it and so it doesn’t stand out. So how do you solve this problem? Well, what are you doing that is different?

When you happen to offer what a lot of other businesses sell, whether it be a product or service, is to give potential clients a reason why you should be top of mind when customers think about buying your particular product or service.  

The most common ways that you see businesses stand out are:

  • Influencer Marketing. This is where a company uses a reality television star, social media personality or other personality that grew in notoriety to fans based on a persona or personality rather than a talent, to endorse their product or service (Logan Paul on YouTube, Benjamin Lowry on Instagram, or Zoella Zeebo on her blog).
  • Celebrity Endorsements. This is where a popular celebrity endorses their product or service (e.g. Charlize Theron for Dior or Beyonce for Pepsi).
  • Marketing Mascot. This is where a mascot for their business or a particular product or service of the business is given a mascot and that mascot is used in multiple advertisements (e.g. The Cave Man or Gecko for Geico insurance, Tony the Tiger for Frost Flakes cereal, and the fruit men for Fruit of the Loom underwear).
  • Purpose Driven Branding. This is where a company may sell your something “common” but they attach a uncommon cause to the purchase of the product or service (e.g. Toms shoes or Warby Parker).

All of these strategies are tried and true marketing tactics that get results in helping businesses stand out from the others in their industries. These are the most visible ways to stand out. For more customized strategies, for your budget and your industry, let’s talk. Go HERE.

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