How Are You Showing Up?

You can spend months, even years, writing out your business plan and perfecting your business model. You can lose sleep over how much to charge for your products or services. But none of these things matter if you aren’t showing up properly for your audience.

What do I mean by “showing up properly”? This is all about presenting yourself in a professional, yet authentic, manner – in a way that your ideal client would resonate with.

For example, if you’re hoping to work with high-end clients and offer products/services at a premium price, you have to look, speak, and behave the part.

Think about a luxury clothing brand. One that sells $1,000 socks. Obviously, this luxury clothing brand is not meant for every person who is in the market to purchase new socks. Their prices are catered for a very specific audience, and their website – everything from their images to the copy – will have a certain look and feel.

The way this luxury brand shows up on their website and social media accounts is going to look vastly different from a brand that sells socks for $10. Okay, enough about socks – I think you get where I’m coming from!

The bottom line is: if you want people to trust you with their hard-earned money, you cannot look a mess. That means:

    • Professional photography/images
    • Clean, put-together website
    • Strong brand identity (logo, brand colors, fonts, social media graphics, etc.)

The last bullet leads me to my final point – you can’t be afraid to invest in your business. How can you expect clients (aka strangers) to invest in your business if you won’t do the same?

Proper business coaching, professional branding & marketing, and industry education (like investing in courses that strengthen your knowledge in your field) are all great investments that will differentiate you from the competition and make your products/services more valuable.

This all boils down to helping you put your best foot forward in your business. It’s so important that you show up as best (and authentic) self, so you can attract the clients you want and earn the money you deserve!

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