Fall Happenings!

I know it has been far too long since I have been posted in this blog. As many of you know, I had a beautiful baby girl in January and my entire life has been TOTALLY rearranged (in a good way). For that reason and many others, I have been very bad at practicing what I preach (marketing the business). Please rest assured that we are still here, thriving, and continuing to work, to help our clients propel their businesses forward.

We have some amazing things in store for 2018! We will be launching a new series of all-inclusive service packages appropriately called “Just Handle It”. Just Handle It is the common theme that we hear from our clients on a daily basis, we are constantly asked can BBS just handle our social media management, web maintenance, strategic planning, website launch, event marketing, training coordination and of course there is always the one we love the most “can you all just handle all of our marketing”. Our answer is always a resounding, YES, YES, and YES we’d love to.

If you are interested in learning more about our new packages and getting started on your education and marketing initiatives for 2018. Please scheduled a virtual needs assessment with me today so we can find a solution that works best for you!

Anywho, I also wanted to take this time to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. I pray that you and your family continue to experience the fullness of love and abundance. I look forward to connecting with you soon!


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