Facebook Algorithms And Your Business

Your small business home on Facebook should be a Facebook “Fan Page”. This is different than the having a regular Facebook account. The most notable difference is that a Facebook Fan Page gets “likes” and the Facebook account has “friends”.  Per Facebook guidelines a business related content should originate on a Facebook Fan Page. If you have one, then you are already on the right track.

Facebook continually changes its algorithms. You may have heard that word thrown around a lot, but what does it really mean? Every small business’ purpose on Facebook should be to share content that others, hopefully future customers, are able to see, connect to, and engage with to start a marketing relationship. With a Facebook Fan Page, the number of likes you have is assumed to be the number of people that see the content that you post. The algorithm distorts the actual number of people that see your content… even among the number of people that “liked” your page, not all of them are shown your content.

We have perfected a formula to work with the Facebook Algorithm to get more likes to your page and increase the number of people that will see what you have to sell. This formula is working well for current clients and the increased engagement they now have on Facebook is awesome! If you would like to work with us to increase your selling opportunities through increased Facebook Fan Page exposure, let’s talk. Schedule a time HERE

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