4 Ways That Knowing Your Customer Impacts Your Marketing

Marketing is all about being consistent with building relationships. The biggest question is who are you attempting to engage with your marketing messaging? Do you know your customers, and potential customers, well enough to speak to them in a way that cause them to listen and buy? Your business is based upon fulfilling the needs or wants of others. But you must know more than just what they want or need. Let’s talk about four things you need to know about your customers to market to them impactfully.

  1. What will they buy from you? Having a supply of a product or offering a service for something does not guarantee that the people that need or want it will buy it from you. Potential customers evaluate a few things when deciding to buy. Let’s talk about two. Do they see you as qualified to sell it? When McDonald’s started selling McWings, many weren’t too keen on getting their chicken wings from them. McDonald’s is known for hamburgers and although they sell chicken sandwiches, those are logically related to hamburgers. Wings were just too much of a stretch for most customers. Are you selling it in a format that they want to buy it? For instance, to coach is to sell what you know to others that want to know. However, that knowledge can be sold as a book, a webinar, a workshop, an Ecourse, etc. Your specific segment of customers that you market to, will typically prefer one of these formats over the others. That is the format you want to offer your service in to create the most revenue.
  2. How do they buy? To capitalize on the demand for what you sell, you need to know how the people that you are targeting prefer to buy. Will they buy it online or does it need to be sold in a brick and mortar location? Would they prefer to use a credit card, Paypal, or cash? Is there a certain time that they buy more or buy at all; do they buy what you offer only during certain periods? Having the answers to these questions and allowing those answers to guide how you develop your products and services, will increase your sells. Pop up shops are a cool trend. The nature of them is to give short notice and be temporarily located. Without notice, potential customers may not have enough cash on hand to buy all that they want but allowing them to use a credit card will typically help you to increase revenue. While a small business having PayPal as their only payment platform, will miss out on sales from customers that have a bias against PayPal. It is important to give your clients options that make payment painless.
  3. Where should you talk to them? Everywhere that your customer base is, is not necessarily where you should be trying to sell to them. Depending on who they are, they may not want to be sold home improvement supplies on Instagram. However, on Pinterest where they are placing their home improvement ideas all in one place could be the best place. Using the space on the back of your local candy store menu may seem like the best place to put a root canal ad, but what child or indulging adult wants to think about such a service during a time they are feeding their happiness.
  4. What is their language? Being an expert in your space means knowing the jargon and terminology associated with your industry. However, if that is not the language that your potential customers use, then how will they recognize that you have what they need? Doctors wanting to treat a wider array of potential patients or help potential clients with preventative health, have to use words that people who need their information can understand. Using medical terminology like “renal” instead of just saying kidneys, will cause disconnect between the doctor and a potential patient having issues with their kidneys but isn’t familiar with the word renal.

Having an understanding of the customer base that you want to attract and knowing the strategies that will attract them is all within the magic that is effective marketing. I create this magic for my clients by giving them a customized Ideal Client Examination as a part of their marketing plan. I want to be your marketing solution. Let’s talk. Go HERE.

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