Credibility & Social Proof

How to Establish Brand Credibility in Your Business


There are tons of businesses and brands in the world. Millions. So, what makes yours any different? How do you make yours stand out from the competition? What can you do to encourage people to work with your brand?

Here’s the simple answer: You need brand credibility.

When people engage with your brand and shop or work with you, in many ways they’re buying you. They want to feel like they’ve built a relationship with you and your brand. That means you need to build a sense of trust with your audience.

So, what can you do to establish brand credibility in your business? Let’s get into 4 ways.

1. Social proof

I don’t know about you, but I love reading customer reviews before making a purchase. Reading product descriptions and looking at photos is great, but I expect the company to show their product in the best light possible. But the true, unbiased reviews left by consumers hold a lot of weight.

And that’s why social proof is so crucial for building brand credibility. When you share positive reviews and feedback from real clients, you help potential clients feel more confident in their decision-making process.

Social proof shows your audience that you truly deliver on what you promise and makes them feel good about spending their hard-earned money to work with your business.

2. Be authentic

Transparency goes a LONG way nowadays, especially on the internet. It can be difficult to decipher between those who are being genuine versus those who may be hiding behind a façade.

Showing up as your authentic self is important in establishing brand credibility because it makes you and your brand feel more relatable. What can this look like?

Be open about your successes, as well as your failures. Share behind-the-scenes footage. Show your processes. Be vulnerable (to the extent you’re comfortable, of course). Be professional, but if you’re a naturally funny person, it’s okay to insert some humor into your brand. Do what feels right. Be human.

3. Create quality content, consistently

Content is a key ingredient to established brand credibility. When you share quality content that is also high-value, people begin to position your brand as the expert.

Another thing, when you consistently share quality content, your audience begins to trust you because they learn to know what they can expect from your brand.

Share content that is educational, informational, and motivational and also encourages your audience to engage (like, comments, share, save). This tip segues perfectly into the final tip…

4. Engage with your audience

Once you begin sharing quality content consistently, your audience will likely begin to grow and will engage with you more often.

You may start to notice more comments and more DMs starting to come in. Do not neglect those comments and DMs. This will help establish brand credibility because it indicates to your audience that you actually care about what they have to say.

When people comment or message you, be sure to thoughtfully respond. Keyword there is thoughtfully. I understand it can be a bit time-consuming but giving your undivided attention to your responses will help you build genuine relationships.

Also, interacting in meaningful conversations is good for the algorithm!

Establishing brand credibility doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, effort, strategy, and patience. If you feel like you’re struggling to build brand credibility, take a step back and revisit these 4 tips and ask yourself if you’re sharing social proof, showing up authentically, creating quality content consistently, and engaging with your audience.



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