Client Contact: How Often Are You In Touch?

Client Contact

Building a marketing relationship with your potential customers and nurturing the relationship with your current customers, means staying in “touch”. Creating various ways of touching customers allows you to stay stop of mind as the source to purchase your products and/or services. A great way to stay in touch without being a nuisance is to contact customers in different ways, on different platforms, and using different types of information.

When you add diversity of touch to your marketing, then you can:

  • spread the same message in different places;
  • send different messages in the same place; and
  • a combination of both for better exposure.

Most of my clients think of traditional advertising and social media marketing, but fewer utilize the strategies of email marketing. A lot of potential clients are clear on how to pay for advertising distribution but they are extremely unclear on how to do content marketing (which is largely free to distribute).   Even more small business owners do what everybody else in their industry is doing, rather than think outside the box to really catch attention in a flooded market. Unfortunately, most of my clients and small business owners do not know that there are about 40 touch points that can be used to reach out and touch their current clients and future clients to nurture a successful marketing relationship.

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