Beyond Social Media

Being on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn is great! It is an awesome move to leverage the attention you can gain from your current and potential customers. But garnering their attention is just your initial step. What comes next? Well… as awesome as social media is, what we have to remember is that we do not own those platforms. They change the rules, the algorithms, and control how you interact with those would be buyers. So, the goal is to get those potential customers off the platforms we cannot control and into a system that we control. A great landing place for your potential and current clients is an email list.

Building your email list is the best way to create a pool of current and potential customers that you can communicate with on your own terms. Unlike hoping that your content comes across their news-feed, they will receive your email right to their inbox. People have to opt-in to your email list (you cannot just place someone on your list without permission), this means the people on your list want to hear from you. Because they are already a warm market for your business, sales conversions from email marketing are historically higher than those from social media marketing.

Your marketing plan should go beyond social media and include other forms of marketing like email marketing. If you do not have a marketing plan or you need help getting your email marketing set-up and executed, let’s chat. Go HERE

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