Best Channels to Attract New Clients

Attracting new clients may sound intimidating. And while there’s definitely work that needs to be done on the backend in order for this to happen organically, there are certain strategies you can implement to make things a bit easier on yourself.

You can have the absolute best product or service and offer a premium customer experience, but if no one knows you’re doing it, then what’s the point really?

If one of your goals for running a business is to earn a profit, then the one proven way to do that is by having clientele, of course!

Take a look at these 3 tips for attracting new – and ideal – clients:

Know the best channels for marketing

There are plenty of ways to market a business. Let’s take social media, for example. You’ve got Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok – just to name a few. It may be tempting to want to create an account on each of these platforms, but the truth is, that’s probably not the best approach.

For starters, your audience likely isn’t using all of them, so it’d be a waste of your time and energy. And second, it’s extremely difficult to manage more than 2 social media accounts effectively (I’m talking about high-quality management – actively engaging with your audience and creating appropriate content for each platform).

Do a bit of market research to determine which platforms your audience is most likely to engage with your content.

Know where your audience hangs out online

This one piggybacks off the first tip. Ask yourself, “For what purpose does my audience use Instagram, Facebook, and other networks? Do they engage or merely browse?”

Once you find the couple of places where they engage, that’s where you need to actively post valuable content and interact with your audience.

If there are other platforms that your audience just browses, you don’t have to shut those out. Use those platforms instead as opportunities to run ads. This is a great way to still get your business in front of the right people, without having to do as much work as the other social media platforms.

Know your audience’s general interests

What books or magazines does your audience read? What TV shows do they watch? How do they spend their free time?

You might be wondering why these kinds of questions are important. No, you’re not expected to completely change your life and start doing all the same things as your audience! But it is helpful to have a general idea of your audience’s hobbies. Why? Because this will ultimately help you create more relatable content that really resonates with them.

And once you start creating content that connects, you’ll start to build authentic relationships and trust with your audience. When your audience deems your more relatable, they’re much more likely to want to work with you or even send others your way!

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