3 Ways To Build Relationships With Marketing

Last week in “That’s Not Marketing” we did some myth busting of pretty common misconceptions about marketing. Now let’s talk about what marketing really is and why you need it.

Customers buy from people they like, know, and trust. How do you achieve this with potential customers? You achieve it by building a relationship with them. A lot of small businesses think that because they are marketing that it should automatically equal a rise in sales… which transfers into an increase in revenue. It’s not automatic. Instead it is gradual. Let’s talk about the three areas you need to cultivate to get customers to buy.

First, to build a relationship with would-be customers, they have to like you. Some people you meet and you like them as soon as you meet them. Perhaps they’ve shown you something or given you something to like about them. As a small business you have to do the same. What does your company believe? What problems does your company solve that makes life easier for customers? What values does your company stand behind? Give would-be customers something to like about your company.

Furthermore, to build a relationship with potential clients, you have to allow them to get to know you. An important part of getting to know someone is to learn personal information about them. Companies have to find ways to share about the people that represent them. What kind of people are in the leadership of your company? Who do you have working in your company that provides services for your customers? What will the customer experience be like for potential customers? Give potential clients information about the people that work behind the scenes so that they feel like they know your company.

Finally, to build a relationship with those you want to buy from you, they have to trust you. As with personal relationships, consistency is key. How do you show up? What is your company’s reputation? Have you won awards? Are there ways for future customers to see real reviews of your company and its services from past customers? Show those that you want to buy from you that you are reliable, dependable, and trustworthy.

Once you conquer building the like, know, and trust factor, you have started building relationships. Next, you need only continuously show your company’s value. See you next week with more about that.

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