3 Places Your Brand Needs To Look Good

As a small business owner, you do not simply have a company. You have a brand. Your brand is the look, feel and overall personality of your company. There should be a certain uniformity within your brand as well as a certain uniqueness that sets you apart from other companies in your industry.

Branding is more than a readily identifiable logo and colors. There are also visuals in three primary places that also must be seen as suitable pieces of your brand:

  1. Your email marketing (header photos, & graphics)
  2. Your social media (profile picture, covers & graphics)
  3. Your website (banner, photos, & other graphics)

Your brand is a living, breathing thing. It is always representing your company as it reaches out to current and potential customers. How does your brand look (tell the truth)? Did you know that if the visuals you use to represent your company look cheap and bootstrapped, that potential customers will either feel that your company cannot fulfill the promises it makes or that they are not worth the prices you charge? Did you know that if the visuals you use to represent your company look disjointed that potential customers will feel your company is unorganized and doesn’t produce results? Just as the way you dress gives a first impression, so does the way your company “looks” as well.

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