3 Nagging, Marketing Problems & Tips To Fix Them

There is no need for me to keep addressing the elephant in the room, we all know that the vast majority of small businesses lack marketing resources. You get it. We know. However, there are three nagging problems that result from this issue that have come up in my recent marketing conversations with small business owners:

     1. They cannot get past the algorithms of social media to grow their audience or engage with their current audience.

     2. They have a blog, but they do not have any new content on the blog and they do not know what content to add.

     3. They haven’t changed their website since it was created years ago, and it doesn’t display well on mobile devices.

Can you relate to these nagging, marketing problems? Well here are a few tips to help you address them.

  1. Social media algorithms are set to block business posts that do not pay for advertising. However, they are also set to boost the reach of posts that seem helpful or entertaining. Make your posts less salesy and more… well, social!
  2. On your blog, you don’t have to worry about algorithms. You can create posts about your customers’ pain points and drive them to your products and services as the solution to those pain points. Be sure to include your updated blog post links in your email newsletters.
  3. The most common item a website needs to refresh its look is a new theme. The more recent themes are all mobile responsive; meaning they change the look of the web page to fit screens of tablets and cell phones.

These are just a few things to help you erase some of your nagging, marketing problems. If you need help with implementing the above solutions and more, let’s chat. To schedule go HERE.

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