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Vintage Women


“These young women are true trailblazers; their innate abilities, tenaciousness, passion, leadership, unselfishness, loyalty and hard work; will be a true asset to our organization.In the early days, they provided the GRA with the ideas and professionalism needed to see the association propel. In fact, Tashana and Joline are solely responsible for the success of our ServSafe programs here in Georgia. Through their marketing and product/workshop sales, the GRA generated well over two million dollars in revenue from 2004-2007. As you can imagine, it was hard to say goodbye when the ladies decided to venture off in December of 2006 to begin their business Beyond Business Solutions, LLC. Though their departure was bittersweet, I could not be more proud!”
Ron Wolf, Former CEO Georgia Restaurant Association

“Tashana and Joline of Beyond Business Solutions have helped me tremendously. They were able to see my vision and helped me create products that were more inline with what my business represents. They put in the work for an area that I am less qualified in so that I can focus more where I am qualified, what a relief ! I am thankful for their patience, resources, and professionalism.”
Sandra Hicks, Private Moments Skin Therapy